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We know that checking God out at 
church can be challenging.  At Solid Rock,
we want to be a church that even
Non-churched people love to go to.  
You don't have to be a Christian to hang
with us.  We want you to come just as you
are and take as long as you want in searching for answers about god, Jesus, and the bible.  You can belong before you become a believer in jesus Christ.  And we think that's how Jesus wanted it to be, anyway.

So what can you expect when you come?

Our services are a little over 1 hour long. 

There is music where we sing about God and

how amazing he is. There will be a teaching

session where we will talk about what the

Bible says about God and his son Jesus Christ.

We believe that if you come, listen, and experience  god with us, something marvelous will happen.  But how you respond is completely up to you.

What about your kids?

WE have an awesome Kids Church for

primaries to 6th grade.   All of our

Kids-Church leaders go through a

background check, and are trained

in children's ministry.  In Kids

Church, they will also experience

singing, activities, and a study

from the bible. 

Will you be cornered?

You will be greeted, and possibly get

a hug.  We can't help it.  Jesus has put

a deep compassion in our hearts for

people just like you. 

But we promise to maintain ourselves.

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